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Doing Math In Morning Meeting

 Bring joy and energy to math learning without  adding to your already-packed schedule! This book gives you 150 fun and  engaging math activities suitable for kindergartners to 5th graders,  and provides math-themed ideas for all four Morning Meeting components:  greeting, group activity, sharing, and morning message. Use these  guessing games, songs, chants, hands-on experiments, and more to inspire  students' interest in math and help them practice skills.  K–5 


Each activity includes:

  • Easy how-to steps
  • The Morning Meeting component in which to use the activity
  • Relevant NCTM content and process standards
  • Specific math skills addressed
  • Materials needed (all require few or no materials)
  • Tips on preparing students for success
  • Math vocabulary to emphasize
  • Variations and extensions

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The Research Ready Classroom


When  your classroom hums with the activity of twenty-five students, each  diligently pursuing their own line of inquiry, real learning happens.  Independent research increases student motivation and is one of the most  effective ways for them to learn across the content areas, but many  teachers don't know how to implement and manage it. The Research-Ready Classroom shows  you how to differentiate instruction for two dozen students at once—all  while helping them meet curricular demands and state standards.

In The Research-Ready Classroom Mike  Anderson and Andy Dousis give you a start-to-finish guide to managing  independent research in your classroom. From an examination of the  skills independent research builds to using inquiry to motivate  students, you'll find all the theoretical information you need to  understand why independent research works and what it accomplishes. And  from helping students select a topic to supporting them as they gather  information and create ways to present it, Anderson and Dousis give you  all the specific instructional strategies to make it work. Best of all,  they show you how research projects support students of all abilities in  meeting benchmarks across the curriculum.

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